Friday, November 5, 2010

Welcome to the Danger Zone

Well. Yesterday I finally opened the Heart and Stroke Foundation measuring tape that was so lovingly gifted to be my Lenore's mom. For all of those out there thinking or saying to me that you are not overweight and you do not need to lose weight, I give you this shocking reality: My waist is in the danger zone for Women and Asian Men. The heart and stroke danger zone. All be it, only by an inch, but still, in the danger zone. It will be great to see myself slip right out of it after my 30 day shred.

Last night, while doing by Shred for a personal record of three days in a row, I thought many times of turning the stinking DVD off. I was tired... Very very tired. Shredding at 9:30 PM is not ideal for me, but I have been working quite a bit into the evenings lately. As I was watching my sweaty reflection in the TV screen and thinking about if it would really be so bad to just turn the thing off, I thought of lots of things: my public commitment to seeing this through, the promise of great results by the shredheads and other before and after sites, and also I thought of my two teenage cousins: active and decidedly hip and young ladies who have always thought that I was stylish and cool. I can't let them begin to see me as the old cousin dressed all in shapeless black. I must regain self confidence and a sense of style so that we can walk again down the street together in fancy shoes and outfits considered to be au courant. This Shred is for you M & S, we'll hit the boxing day sales together.


  1. I'm afraid to ask... but where does the danger zone begin? maybe knowing I am in the danger zone will help me to put down the halloween candy. ugh.

  2. Here is a helpful website: