Monday, November 1, 2010

The Seasons of Eating

Missed Saturday, but I did have a great day . The Child and I went on a double date with another mom and son duo to a book reading at the library. Though Mom #2 might not have considered our walk a good one, for someone as sedentary as me, I counted it as victory! And I was not the one pushing the children in the double stroller.

Halloween was quite something, there was a marathon of visiting as The Child is far too young to be trick or treating so we dressed him and went to a few select houses for a visit with our cow baby then returned home to the trick or treaters and got a very amped up 17 month old off to bed.

Today, I have been doing something "they" call shocking my immune system. It is a new tack I am trying in my weight loss journey. The "shock" (to the immune system) is the amount of mini Halloween bars, rockets, maynards chews and tiny bags of chips I can eat in one day without getting sick. So far, the answer is a lot. My theory is to shock the system with so many calories in one day that my metabolism goes into overdrive. The safe return to normal eating habits tomorrow should help me lose at least a pound. *I know this is not true, it is helping me justify my behaviour.*

There is today's admission: I have eaten chips. And not just the tiny bags. I also ate ONE HUNDRED Pringles - light Pringles - I'm not so out of control as to eat the full fat.

Our tech gurus were in the office today and we got to chatting about our favourite Christmas chocolates as that is really the next big eat fest. It occurred to me that as a society, in concert with advertisers and major candy corporations, we have really set ourselves up for obesity.

Starting in the fall, we have Thanksgiving - this is really just the stomach stretching precursor to many other festivals of food. Quickly on the heels of Thanksgiving, we dress our children up in crazy costumes and send them out begging sugar from the neighbours. Luckily, as adults, we have a good month to buy, eat, buy, eat and then buy again countless bags of tiny treats and also be left with many after 8:00pm when the little tricksters have gone home to weigh, trade, and eat insane amounts of chocolate, chips, and high fructose corn syrup. There is about one month to eat all of your Halloween candy before Christmas parties, Pot's of Gold, Toffifee's, Toblerones, Candy Canes, Quality Streets, Sugar Cookies, Scotch Cookies and so on become the order of the day. We gorge on these things while drinking heavily for a sold 30 - 40 days (Christmas day leftovers and New Year's Eve/Day parties) before we resolve to become fit and hit the gym for roughly one month. Then into February for and a slight slip to overindulgence with an obligatory Valentine's Day box of chocolates and a three course meal in a restaurant. Sometime in either March or April, a festive bunny arrives with even more candy in the form of tiny, and large, chocolate eggs. We eat and eat and eat Cadbury Cream Eggs, Mini Eggs, Peanut Butter Eggs, Marshmallow Eggs, Chocolate Bunnies and on and on. Finally, another respite... Until the warm weather brings BBQ and ice cream season to our doorsteps - this lasts at least three months. I remember being 20 and eating three BBQ'ed hot dogs on white buns in a sitting - this would be chased with a steak and salad. HOW was I so thin? I guess I was active and still rocking the young metabolism.

It would take a truly strong will to resist all of this, is it any wonder so many of us have trouble finding balance?

On that note, off to the the 30 day shred with the hopes of burning a third of the Halloween candy I consumed today.

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  1. Oprah had Portia di Rossi on yesterday and some of the things she said about food and eating habits were so great - I'm not usually an Oprah fan but it was a great interview.