Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Gymtimidation. You may be thinking 'Who the hell does this girl think she is? She can't just go around making up words!" But anyone who has ever been out of shape, fat or is just nonathletic, knows what I'm getting at here.

There's a certain fear in entering the gym for the first time. There are so many feelings of uncertainty. Are people staring at me? Is it because I'm fat? What the hell is that machine? How does it work? What does one do with a kettlebell exactly?

It's hard! But at the same time you feel good because half the battle is stepping through the gym door.

Now I'm not a gym pro by any means but I can push start and I can do a crunch or two so I'm okay there. My real gymtimidation comes from the weights. I have literally no idea what to do with them. I've seen other people use them and I know people who are strong with muscles, so they must know what to do with them. But I don't really know what works what etc.

I could always try. But I'd have to walk past all the muscle heads. And I'd have to to fake confidence so they couldn't sense my fear. And I'm afraid the result would resemble a Mary Catherine Galagher gym skit gone horribly wrong. So I'll pass. I'll keep walking and mosey on over to the mats where I can do some core stuff (stuff...another gym term I use) and pretend that I don't know that in order to tone muscles you need to use weights.

That's right. I'd rather fake stupid than look stupid. And that's sad. I wish I had the courage to ask for help here, but I always chicken out! I don't want the gym employees/trainers to judge me. But isn't that there job to show me? Yes! In my head I know this, but my gymtimidation always wins.

This is all another reason why I am so pro the 30 Day Shred right now. JMike shows you easy weight moves and does them with you so you can check out proper form. I've been shredding for 5 consecutive days now and can already notice slight muscle definition in my arms and legs. Very slight right now, but it's definitley enough to keep me going.

Maybe by the time I'm done with the shred I'll have the know how and the confidence to lift at the gym. We'll see.


  1. I find that you can't go wrong when you stick to the basics: squats, lunges, push ups, dips and plank. Weights can be fun if you're lifting with someone else... preferably someone else who knows what they are doing... :)

  2. Free weights can be intimidating to everyone. But they are really simple. Pick an exercise say bicep curl and start with any weight you think you can do, say 5 lbs.

    For lean muscle build you would be looking at 3 sets, 12-15 reps were set.

    If by rep 12 you are still finding it "easy" you should go up. You should be finding it quite difficult for your last 3 reps. If you are finding it hard, then stick with that weight or go down a weight. Dont be afarid to experiment.

    once you get comfortable with free weights you can switch to pyramiding.

    for example: Bicep curl (4 sets instead of 3, 12-15 reps per set)

    Set 1 - 12-15 reps 5 lbs
    Set 2 - 12-15 reps 8 lbs
    Set 3 - 12-15 reps 10 lbs
    Set 4 - 12 reps total: 4 reps at 10 lbs, 4 reps at 8 lbs and 4 reps at 5 lbs.

    It will give you the ideal muscle burn and results in the "shortest" time :)

    Good luck girl! you can do it!! oxygen mag is a really good resource for exercises, work out plans, etc :)


  3. Check out some complex moves online so that you get a total body workout rather than trying to work muscles individulally: ie bicep curl! Booo. Make sure your heart rate is at 60-70%of max hr when doing " weights" or resistance training:) also- grabbing a trainer and having them create a total body program is a great start!! Jen