Monday, November 29, 2010

so.... tired...

What a crazy week last week. We had TWO office birthday parties which meant pizza, cake, pop, chips, fruit, sandwiches. Also last week was focus groups so I was not home for a couple of nights and D was in Halifax again. The child is not sleeping and has led me to the stunning realization that I do not like toddlers. Not one bit. There is no reasoning. Everything is done so slowly. Everything is so exciting. I have not slept in weeks and weeks and it is beginning to show with laziness, anxiety and bad attitude. I think I have probably regained my two inches. I am at square one.

30 day shred is a 30 day failure so tonight I am going to try something new... I am going to try: Banish Fat Boost Metabolism. I will need both of those things to happen through the Season of Holiday eating.

Shameful Memory (last night, my living room): One medium cookie dough blizzard and me. Sigh.

I need some encouragement.


  1. This post made me laugh. Why you ask? Because that red SUV in front of you in the drive-thru line up was ME!! hahahah
    My shameful memory from last night was me and a cheeseburger. And me being mad that when I got home I had fries instead of the poutine that I was craving for weeks!
    But I think you look great! And I think that having the ambition to try even while not sleeping for 4 months says a lot about you. Most people wouldn't even bother to try, they would have written it off a long time ago. So keep going! You can do it.

  2. the best thing I ever did was to stop thinking of "weight loss" as a "challenge" - if you're thinking about how hard it is... chances are it will be hard! don't stress about what you ate in the past - it's done, and over with. Just keep moving forward and if you slip up don't fret about it just let it go and keep on your way :)

    So you don't feel bad here is my weekend indiscretion - I made cupcakes this weekend and ate WAY more of them than any one person should have. So many I will not even tell you how many... To make up for my indiscretion - extra veggies for five days :D