Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Hi there. Long time no blog! Things have been hectic and I anticipate it will keep up for at least two more weeks. In fact, I suspect I will not exercise in a meaningful way again until one week from today...
Thank you for asking,I had house guests last weekend for a long weekend and this week I have been busily organizing a youth conference here in Sydney that starts on Thursday and runs until Sunday. Then, back in the work saddle on Monday with three full days and evenings of focus group sessions. What of my child? He will face maternal neglect but has a dad ready to pick up the slack.

What is the big news, you wonder? Certainly it can not be that I am busy doing conference/focus group/work? The big news is... In just two short weeks or wiser food choices and exercise, I am OFFICIALLY out of the DANGER ZONE! Waist is down two inches. Two. Whole. Inches. Adieu, Danger Zone. It's been nice, but I hope to never meet you again.

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