Monday, October 25, 2010


In case you hadn't noticed by my extreme overuse of exclamation points (which I don't normally condone), I have had a rough day. Keep in mind that it's not quite 10:30 AM yet.

Let me start out with my workout for yesterday. My friend S and I got up at 8am and drove to the gorgeous Cape Breton Highlands to hike the Skyline Trail. For years I've been hearing what a fantastic hike it was and how the scenery was breathtaking. I couldn't wait!

We powered up the trail finally making it to then of the earth, literally. The view was amazing! It was ridiculously windy so we very carefully stepped down each tier of steps until we were at the very end! Then we realized we had to go back up the steps. The trek up began. And every time we thought we were just about at the top, there were more steps. It was great knowing that I was getting a good workout in, but my legs were not thanking me.

8km's later (mostly up a a slight hill on the way back) we had completed the loop and reached my Escape. It was not the leisurely stroll I expected and I loved it more for that!

Which brings me to Monday. Okay friends brace yourselves. My rage is about to takeover.

I got out of bed this morning and jumped on the scale expecting be down a couple pounds. NOT THE CASE! I was up 1 pound. My head was spinning. How was this possible? I worked out 4 days this week and I ate healthy foods and I stuck to my calorie intake as allotted to me by MyPlate at

Enraged and curious I went to work and chatted about my dilemma to Sid and B. Suddenly Sid asks "By the way, what exactly is your daily calorie intake?"

And I nonchalantly answered....(seriously, brace yourselves)....948.

The look on Sidney's face was a mixture of amazement/disgust/panic.

I'll save you the raw details of the conversation that ensued, but its safe to say we figured out that i was starving. Literally!!!!!!!!! (note the overuse again).

Do you have any idea how hard it is to stay under 948 calories a day. Don't try it,it's not safe, just take it from's F#$%^ING HARD!

No wonder I was so cranky last week! I was hungry! I know I'm a complete idiot for going along with that number in the first place, but I think I should get an award for not leaving a pile of bodies in my wake.

So back to MyPlate to re-adjust my info and manually enter my new calorie intake of 1200. (This number came at the suggestion of a trusted, credible nutritionist friend this time.)

Oh and worth noting was the fine print that I found on my original info that said I should consult a doctor before starting with such a low calorie intake number.

All I know is that if my scale had testicles this morning I so would have kicked it in them. Same goes for Lance*.

*Please note I don't really hold Lance responsible but I do need someone to hold my Monday grudge against and he wins.

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