Thursday, October 28, 2010


The three pound weight gain has really thrown me for a loop. Honestly, there was a moment where I almost reached for a giant two litre of ice cream and ate it all in one sitting. But I held back. In retrospect, I am not convinced that this was the "best" month to start my 30 day challenge, then again when is a good month?

So I have a lot of confessions to make, well really one big confession. I have not been exercising and I have not been counting my calories on the daily plate. What I have been doing is making a conscious effort to eat less sugar and salt and to generally move more. This is about the best I can offer with the week I have been having. I missed my last blog day because I was traveling for focus groups around CB leaving Sydney at 8:00am and returning at 11:30pm. The next morning was a similar early start with meetings through lunch and the afternoon. Last night I did not sleep at all and tonight I have a meeting at 8:00pm. D is in Halifax doing arty things and it is just the Child, the cat and I holding down the fort. Though this is not diet related, I feel it is only right to tell you that I am hanging on to my sanity by the thinnest of threads.

If the Child chooses to hit me in the face or whine the word "noise" over and over and over and over again for minutes, I might completely break down. The fact that I have not turned to ice cream and chips is a miracle.

Lessons: I am pretty busy. Work is busy, life is busy, volunteering is busy. D is busy which means we are juggling schedules. A regimented exercise regime is going to be hard which means we are going to have to get a little bit more creative. And by we I mean me. So far this week my creativity has extended to dancing wildly around to the kitchen with the Child and D after and before supper. It worked for Kristie Alley... And then she got mega fat again so maybe not the best role model.

At any rate, I take up the charge of the 30 day shred again on Saturday - for now it is safely out of my reach on D's laptop in Halifax.

(I hope no one reads this and realizing I am home breaks in to my house in the night!)


  1. LOL Sidney you absolutely KILL me!!! I have been feverishly exercising for 2 weeks now after a sobering "breaking out the fall clothing incident" and have been doing quite well till some thoughtful person arrived with a pizza and I had no dinner prepared due to sunshine and the opportunity to be outside with a group of crazed toddlers for the afternoon!!
    Now going to the mall and prob out for a walk to work off the 2 slices I ate(after my healthy salad and bottle of water) I have no real willpower and the fact I have not eaten a couple hundred funsize Halloween goodies is a huge feat for me ;-)

  2. Geez... it doesn't sound like you're having much fun with the challenge right now. Personally I think the pressure of the "30 days" can weigh heavy...

    My friends and I have a fitness blog ( and one of the things that we implemented was the Calendar-sticker-workout. So basically we went out and bought the most fun calendars, and then the most fun stickers, and then every time we do at least 30 minutes of exercise a day we give ourselves a sticker for that day. We've been doing this for years and it really does work... if I look at my calendar and there's nothing but white boxes it motivates me to get up off the couch! At the end of the month I total my stickers and if I have over 20 stickers I get myself something small and if i had over 25 stickers I go buy myself something from LuLuLemon. :D

  3. It isn't so much that I am not having fun with the challenge and more that I am not having fun in general! HA. I have been working like a dog. (This analogy may need to change, because I don't see so many work dogs these days. But you get my drift.)

  4. work gets in the way of fun ALL too often!

  5. You didn't mention all the "charity" work you did with your needy co-worker...I'll be surprised if food is your only issue after a week like that! If it helps you made my life easier.