Monday, October 18, 2010

Sidney's Log - Day One

First of all, it doesn't matter what you look like. So what if you show up to a noon time casual stroll at the Y wearing your bf's dirty (literally food on them) gym pants and a totally Rankin paint stained beige shirt? So what if you forgot to pack a sweater so you have to wear your blazer over the whole ensemble? The point is that you SHOWED UP to burn those 59 calories that a casual 20 minute stroll at 2 mph will burn. That's what matters. And I did it! Take that girl on the treadmill with nice gym clothes.

Other accomplishments of note: I did not eat trifle or chocolate cupcakes during today's staff meeting. This might not seem like much, but at the last staff meeting, I ate nachos and onion chip dip. I think this points to a real life/snacking low because those two things together do not even taste good.

Another thing that is over is my brief and torrid affair with noon time pop drinking. Seriously, when did I, very public pop denouncer, start drinking pop at lunch?

My first 30 Day Shred was completed (this time in paint stained pants) and a giant 27 year old t-shirt. But it was completed. Though I feel like throwing up and my arms are shaking, it is not quite as terrible as I remembered.

The daily plate has reminded me of two things today:

1. I may have to give up coffee or at least return to the days of drinking my coffee black. Updates on my successes in the days to come.
2. A "sweet and salty" granola bar is a chocolate bar in disguise and is, therefore, not an appropriate snack.

Learning things again for the 100th time is going to be eye opening.

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