Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Warrior Retreats

Well. Here is a rare treat! This is what Lenore and I look like when he head to the gym! Impressed? Inspired? Jealous? Likely all three.

Saturday and Sunday were nutty! I was at the Mill River Resort for the annual Maritime Spinners Retreat as previously mentioned. Though it was windy and though it was raining, Rachel and I set out around the resort for a brisk 30 minute stroll in the wind and rain. Umbrellas were blown inside out, but we felt accomplished and GREAT. I splurged on a couple of treats: a chocolate chip scone, a chocolate lava cake, and a handful of dark chocolate almonds. But with the walk and the stairs climbed (my floor was on the second floor, and YES I counted the flights of stairs walked) I still managed to stay within my goals for daily caloric intake. TIP: vegetables are practically free! Eatemup! A small aside:WHY do conferences insist on giving vegetarians the most disgusting meals? My supper was spaghetti with leftover homemade tomato soup from lunch served as sauce with the same steamed vegetables that the meat eaters were having with their turkey dinners. Why couldn't they just give me the mash potatoes and veggies?

It was also suggested at the retreat that I am not eating enough calories at 1188 per day. If you think this is low, wait til you hear from Lenore later on today!

Yesterday, I hardly ate anything at all. I had a big breakfast, 3/4 of a sandwich, many coffees, and a muffin. Somehow with the health properties in those foods, I think I probably maxed out my calories anyway. I would not know because I was traveling home from the retreat and was in transit from 10am-10pm. No exercise, no daily plate, no nothing. Those idiot TV trainers that are always going on about how "everyone has time to work out in their day" are sort of wrong. I mean I guess you could squeeze it in if you didn't care about sleeping after 12 hours of travel. You might have the time, but not the "time" you know?

Shameful Memory: Eating in one day a Love It sized Cold Stone Creamery ice cream, macaroni and cheese, and more ice cream. Later that night I had painful, PAINFUL cramps and I thought I was going to be sick. In the middle of the night in the washroom I seriously thought I was having a baby in the toilet and would later appear on the hit TLC series "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant". I was trying to remember where the car seat was stored, had we saved any infant clothes and so on. Trying to come to terms with the shame of calling work the next day to say that I couldn't make it in, that I had had a toilet baby. But all was well. I was just sick from too much fat and dairy.

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  1. Dude, 1188 calories is not enough - okay maybe it's enough for a 6 year old.

    Seriously though, you can do major damage to your body and your internal organs - the body needs fuel.

    I used to be a calorie counter... it becomes obsessive. Now I count vegetable servings instead :)