Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tic Toc

Okay so between work and the gym, I barely have time to have a life and blog. This whole blog idea seemed so much more plausible when I had that extra time, but here I am. Back at ya for another glimpse into my ongoing fitness/weight battle.

I am still going strong at the gym! Yay! I train with A three times a week and attempt the running program 3 days a week, with Sunday acting as active rest day. Active rest you say? Well, I'm no English major (okay, it was my minor), but that sounds like an oxymoron to me. Ya know, like jumbo shrimp, little giant, science fiction, you get my drift. What it means is that I have to do something but I should break the routine of the gym and try an outdoor activity if possible. So far with rain, snow and temperatures dipping into the double digit minus range, it's been tough. I do intent to try some winter sports. I'll keep you posted on that, it should be hilarious!

So where was I? Yes, the running program. Genius that I am attempted the first few weeks wearing my easy-tones. You know the Reebok's with the built in balance ball technology to it sort of feels like your constantly walking on Bosu Ball? Them.

I wear them so often I don't really feel that instability that your supposed to feel. So it didn't even cross my mind to throw those babies on and hit the tready. That is until, the excruciating pain in my ankle screamed "dumbass!" with every unbalanced step I took. So lesson learned. Easy-tone's not for running.

I spent the rest of the week doing interval training on a bike. Keeping the cardio up, strengthening leg muscles, and resting the ankle. The ankle is now 100% better, my thighs hurt like hell from all that pedaling and I am back to running.

My first day back I was slightly scared. i thought I would have lost all my endurance, but not the case. I was actually able to run a lot more than I had before. Which is super exciting for me.

Someone told me that the key to running is to not run. Which made me think that person was a crackhead. But I get it now. The recovery days are just as, maybe even more important than the actual running days.

I don't even spend all my time staring at the timer anymore. Who would have thought?

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