Thursday, January 13, 2011

A New Year - A New and Improved Me

Okay so this whole 2011 thing has shaped up to be insanely busy just two weeks in. That's the reason there's been no new posting, not because there's no progress to report, complaining to do, or contemplating to type.

Christmas break was just as I expected. Full of booze, food, candy, cake (there are at least 5 family birthdays over Christmas, not to mention the three cakes we had at work before we left), and did I mention booze? All my fav's were home! We had a blast partying almost every night of the break, but this meant dozens of beer (and when I say dozens I mean nightly), late night post booze binging, hangover food the next day, and then eating whatever holiday delectable that was served at whatever event was held that day. My waist line did not thank me. But I had so much that I didn't even feel guilty! It was amazing. And I am back at my pre-Christmas weight, so take that you 5lbs of Toblerone and perogies!

So where am I at now work out wise you wonder silently. Well, for Christmas my cousin's husband bought both her and I monthly gym passes to try out the newest gym that Sydney has to offer. He obviously didn't know I have a yearly membership to the Y. So I'm the girl with 2 gym passes! It's totally convenient. Sid and I are planning to start hitting the Y during our lunch breaks when it calms down slightly at work and M (the cousin) and I have been regularly visiting Ascendo Fitness in the evenings.

Not only have we been regularly working out but we've been doing it right with the help of the personal trainer we hired! She's been teaching us some new moves, showing us how to use the equipment and will be putting us on a walk-run program so I can meet my goal of learning to run, starting with 5 Km. She's also helping us lose the gymtimidation, which is huge in its own right.

Last night we did our fitness testing to measure where we're at now so we have a benchmark for when we do it again in 5 weeks. It was brutal. It was eye opening. I am not in the shape I thought. However, I am also not in as bad of shape as I thought. Turns out I'm pretty average.

Let me share with you some lessons I have learned from my trainer, A.

1. Any amount of cardio under 25 minutes will help you maintain your current weight, but is not all that helpful in losing more weight. (My goal is an hour. I spent about 15 minutes on a bike for the first time very last night and I realized that spin class people must be crazy. That shit is not easy and it is so not comfortable!However I'll definitely be making it a regular part of my cardio routine.)

2. Numbers are just numbers. Apparently what I want to do is to bring down my percentage of body fat and bring up percentage of lean muscle. (So that number on the scale will go down as I do this, but shouldn't be as scary or have evil controlling super powers like it has in the past.)

3. A may be a robot. Or some kind of super human. She works like 12 or more hours a day doing training sessions, teaching classes (One of them which is called Fire, so take from that what you will) and doing this all in a good mood. So my lesson here is really that I should not complain when I've only been suffering for one hour. Okay, you all know me too well by now, I should complain LESS.

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